Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HS 469 SpeedGuard (Folding Bead Tire)

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HS 469 SpeedGuard (Folding Bead Tire)

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New Version with OneStar compound.

"I have been using the Schwalbe Supreme tires for years, and I absolutely love them! Don't be fooled by its slick design! They are fast and comfortable, but also extremly durable and the puncture protection is outstanding!" - Stephane Marchiori, Founder of

Exceptional. Outstanding. The best. A touring tire that can do everything. That was the goal of Schwalbe development team. Revised HD Ceramic Guard, Triple Nano Compound, LiteSkin side wall.

The Marathon Supreme is now faster than ever with the OneStar compound. Puncture resistance has been improved and its grip on wet roads remains remarkable!

Note: The Marathon Supreme does not have a dynamo lighting strip.

The Supreme is also available as a "non-folding" tire aka "wire bead tire" which is a more economical option: 

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Art. #
11600776  42-559 26 x 1.60  HD SpeedGuard  Black-Reflex OneStar 50-80 15.5oz (440g)  67 220lb (100kg) 13, 14
11600777 50-559 26 x 2.00  HD SpeedGuard  Black-Reflex OneStar 35-65 19.8oz (560g)  67 265lb (120kg) 13, 14
11600778 42-584 27.5 x 1.60 HD SpeedGuard Black-Reflex OneStar  50-80 16.6oz (470g)  67  231lb (105kg)  
11600779  50-584 27.5 x 2.00 HD SpeedGuard Black-Reflex OneStar  35-65 21.2oz (600g)  67  265lb (120kg)  
11600787  32-622 28 x 1-1/4
HD SpeedGuard  Black-Reflex OneStar 65-95 13.4oz (380g)  67 187lb (85kg) 16, 18
11600780  37-622 28 x 1.40
HD SpeedGuard Black-Reflex OneStar  55-85 15.5oz (440g)  67  220lb (100kg)  17, 18
11600831 37-622 28 x 1.40
MicroSkin, TL Easy  Black-Reflex OneStar  50-85 19.2oz (545g)  67 220lb (100kg) 17, 18
11600758  42-622 28 x 1.60
HD SpeedGuard Black-Reflex  OneStar  50-80  17.2oz (490g) 67 243lb (110kg) 17, 18
11600823 42-622 28 x 1.60
MicroSkin, TL Easy  Black-Reflex OneStar  50-85 21oz (595g)  67 243lb (110kg) 17, 18
11600782 50-622 28 x 2.00
HD SpeedGuard   Black-Reflex OneStar  30-70 22.6oz (640g)  67 276lb (125kg) 19, 19A
*MicroSkin, TL Easy = TubeLess easy



World first: Marathon Supreme. Marathon Supreme with unique Vectran protection belt It came from outer space. 



An extremely densely woven fabric made from Vectran protects the new top of the line touring tire - Marathon Supreme. It’s High Density Vectran Guard (HD-V) uses a patented weaving technology more puncture resistant than any other textile used in bicycle tire technology. The tire is nearly 50% lighter than any other touring tire and sets a new benchmark in terms of wet-grip adhesion.

Vectran belt - More details

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Bruce S - 29/4/2018

Flexible sidewalls make these tires a joy to ride on. They are hard to install as they come folded with lots of fold marks and creases. A good tip is to inflate the tube a little harder than you normally would when installing a new tire. This will help k...

Marcin B - 28/4/2018

Have been riding on these tires for 5 years and about 5K miles. Had about 1 puncture per year due to lack of maintenance (low pressure, not cleaning out glass when stuck in the rubber).