No, we do not price-match...we PRICE-BEAT! That way you know you will always get the best deal EVER!

Not only will we meet our competitor’s price, but we’ll also throw in 5% of the price-matched value in rewards points to your account. Collect rewards points, and buy yourself the gear that you have always wanted!

It’s easy! If you find an identical item for less at another authorized dealer, let us know and we’ll send a coupon code to match their price and we will throw 5% in rewards points to your account when you place your order. If you already placed your order, you still have 5 days to request a price-beat, in which case we’ll refund the difference and also add 5% in rewards points.

For example, if we list a product for $120, and accept to Price Beat at $100. You will receive a $20 discount for the price match and, in addition you will receive - 5% off $100 - so $5, in rewards points. $5 equals to 500 points, so 500 points will be added to your account for you to use on a future purchase. For more information, check our Rewards Program Policy.

How it works:

Before placing an order:
Find an item cheaper somewhere else before or after you purchase it from us (good luck with that!).
If it is ahead of time, contact us and provide the link to the competitor’s products page. Once the request is accepted, we’ll issue a coupon code to price-match, and add 5% in rewards points to your account, up to 3000 points.

After placing an order:
If it is within 5 days of placing your order, contact us and provide the link to the competitor’s products page. Once we receive your request, we’ll get back to you within a few business hours.¬† We will price-match (refund you the difference) and also credit your rewards points account for 5% of the retail value, up to 3000 points.

Ways to contact us:

We hate rules, but we had to write a few down:

- The price-beat product must be identical (size, color, season, style).

- The competitor must have the product in stock and ready to ship (no drop-ship)

- The competitor must be US-based

- The competitor must be an authorized dealer

- We do not price-beat auction sites and market places (Ebay, Amazon,, etc.)

- The item cannot be discounted more than 40% of the MSRP by the competitor

- You have 7 days after placing your order to request a price-beat

- In order to receive the rewards points, you must have an account at; otherwise we will only price-match

- The competitor’s price cannot include gift cards

- We cannot price-beat if a coupon code or gift card is used for the purchase

- Does not apply when the price includes special offers or promotions, including without limitation, rebates, mail-in offers, free with purchase offers, limited quantity offers, special financing and bundled offers.