"Trust in your gear is peace of mind."

CycloCamping.com was created by Stephane and Sheri Marchiori, a Franco-American couple who found a true passion in bicycle touring. At the creation of CycloCamping.com, we had a decade of experience in bicycle touring, including a 5-year journey around the world by bicycle.

During our bicycle tour of the world, we tested many types of gear under every condition possible. We did an extensive amount of research for the best equipment possible. We continuously share reviews and experiences with our extended network of bicycle travelers met on the road, in bike touring events, or though several different bike associations. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to make sure you hit the road with the toughest, most durable and most reliable gear you can find out there. We simply sell the best, often hard-to-find equipment for bicycle touring and camping.
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Proven Experience

We considerably developed our knowledge as staff members of the famous French bicycle touring organization CCI (CycloCamping International), known for their annual cyclotourism expo, bike tour magazine, and experienced biking community. For many years, we have been members of Globetrotter Organization and Bicycle Adventure Association. We are authors of numerous bicycle touring articles and reviews and are active members of the few bike touring forums on the web.

Now it is your turn to benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience to help you have the journey of your dreams! Traveling by bike is about following the road to adventure, discovery, and freedom… the freedom to leave your worries and cares behind, confident that your gear will carry you through even the toughest of conditions.