Allround: The Marathon Compound. It achieves everything expected of a Marathon tire: High durability, low rolling resistance and excellent wet grip.

Dual Compound: Two different rubber compounds for optimal performance: The center tread is friction resistant for longer life. The sides are a soft Silica mixture for maximum adhesion (STELVIO).

Endurance: Compound extremely resistant to friction for maximum mileage (MARATHON XR).

Gooey Gluey: Extremely soft compound for ultimate control on both hard and loose surfaces (e.g. BIG BETTY)

ORC = Offroad-Racing-Compound: Special rubber mixture for area application on offroad tires.

Qualifier Compound: Special rubber mixture, developed specifically for low rolling resistance.

Magic: Our latest rubber compound. For us it is magic, because it combines outstanding wet grip with very good rolling characteristics. Magic Compound is the ultimate on wet, slippery roads.

SBC: SCHWALBE Basic Compound: Versatile quality compound for all applications.

Silica: Special filler in the rubber mixture that positively influences the rolling resistance.

Speedgrip: Multilevel Dual Compound (SUPER MOTO)

T45: Special compound for tubular tires (e.g. Montello).

Triple Compound: Three different rubber mixtures in one tire for the best possible performance (e.g. Ultremo).