Instructions for use of Seam Grip


PREP: Clean seams on used tents with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.


APPLY: Apply a thin film of Seam Grip to inside of the seam (one coat).


DRY: Let dry overnight (approximately 8-12 hours—may be longer in low humidity). For 2-hour dry time, mix small batches of Seam Grip with Cotol-240™. Apply with brush. Adhesive Applications: Roughen and clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol. Apply Seam Grip to both surfaces. Allow to dry (cure) 15 minutes, then join (clamp or tape) surfaces together overnight.

CLEAN UP: Seam Grip will dry (cure) and flake off hands. Washing hands in soap and water will accelerate curing. Uncured Seam Grip can be partially removed with a coarse cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. For easiest clean up wear disposable rubber gloves.


STORAGE: Advance contents to tube neck and replace original cap securely. Store partially used tube in freezer.

TENT SEAM SEALING: Perimeter seams on ‘seam taped’ tents are often not factory sealed and require sealing. Apply a thin film of Seam Grip to inside floor seams (fig.1). Allow to dry (cure) overnight. A slight surface tack is normal and will dissipate with tent use. Use Seam Grip to seal areas that regularly leak, such as stake-out points at corners (fig. 2). To seal the seams on your rainfly, set it up inside-out for easier application. Attach the rainfly to the tent so all seams are taut (fig. 3).
TEAR & HOLE REPAIRS: Apply just enough Seam Grip to cover the hole and spread 1⁄4 inch beyond. Allow to dry (cure) level overnight. For 2 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240™ before applying. (fig. 4)
SEAM TAPE TIP: If a small section has peeled use Seam Grip to re-attach it (fig. 5). If the tape seems to be failing everywhere, remove and discard it, then clean the seams with isopropyl alcohol and re-seal with Seam Grip.

Additional User Comments


Users are always impressed at the extreme toughness and waterproofness of seams sealed with Seam Grip
We have had users make tents and tarps without stitching by simply bonding all the seams with Seam Grip. The results have been incredibly strong, waterproof shelters
Many users have commented that “factory seam tapes last a certain number of years, but Seam Grip lasts forever.”
Users have sealed seams on tents, packs, outerwear, boots and much more.
Seam Grip is also heavily used to patch holes in tents, packs, clothing and other gear using the ‘plastic tape backing method’ (see diagram under the instruction tab)