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Three easy tune-up tips for your bicycle

As warm weather inches closer, you might be planning to do some bicycle touring once spring officially begins. However, there's more to hitting the pavement than simply purchasing new bike gear and choosing a route for your ride. After spending months in your shed or garage, your bicycle likely needs a tune-up. By taking care of your bike before beginning your travels, you can ensure it's in the best possible condition, giving you peace of mind. Here are some key tips for tuning up your bicycle and keeping it around for spring seasons to come.

1. Clean your chain
Wet lubes and degreasers are ideal for cleaning bike chains. Furthermore, they can efficiently remove dirt and grime that may be caked on from past riding seasons. Worst case scenario, think about using a mild soap and water to get your chain up to par, but keep in mind that it may require more scrubbing. When you're done, apply a lubricant to get your chain back into working order.

2. Adjust your brakes
Over time, your brakes may have shifted or worn down through frequent use. Make sure to check them before taking your bicycle on the road. Conduct any necessary changes to ensure your bike is safe for riding on all terrain.

3. Check tire pressure
Just as you would with your car, you'll want to check the tire pressure on your wheels prior to bike touring. This can ensure that they're in working order and help your ride more smoothly to your destination.

While you can have a professional look at your bicycle, these three tips can easily help you do a tune-up on your own. In the end, your wallet will be happy and you'll be in a prime position to hit the road.

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