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Bike tour stresses the importance of safety on the road

Bike tour stresses the importance of safety on the road

Not everyone who's into the idea of bicycle touring would hop on their bike and ride just anywhere. Those who have experience bike touring know that traveling can be challenging in areas where traffic is common. This is what more people are attempting to bring to the attention of drivers, who put their lives at risk when they fail to obey the speed limit and recognize cyclists on the road.

A recent bike tour through Rengstorff Park in California was dedicated to familiarizing locals about these dangers that cyclists face regularly, according to the Mountain View Voice. Wendee Crofoot and Jarrett Mullen of Great Streets Rengstorff Park were the driving forces behind the event, which attracted approximately 40 bike enthusiasts in the area. 

"When I lived here [at the corner of California Street], nobody stopped when making a right turn here, including the police," Jack Miller, a participant, told the news source.

The event was geared toward raising awareness of how many people break the speed limit, as well as the number of accidents that occur in the area. The supporters would like to see more organized traffic flow for the safety of drivers as well as cyclists. The news source reported that when motor vehicle operators travel at 30 miles per hour, there is a 40 percent chance of death when they accidentally hit a person the road. This number is reduced to 5 percent when drivers limit their speed to 20 mph.

Maintaining safety on the road
As a cyclist, it's critical to abide by the rules of the road and take precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Ideally, you should always wear a helmet while cycling. The State of California recommends abiding by manufacturers' instructions to ensure the product is properly fitted on your head. Next, you'll want to make sure you're visible to drivers on the road. This means wearing brightly-colored clothing and using a bicycle light if you're riding after dark.

Additionally, Bicycle Safe advises you to be mindful of drivers' blind spots, especially when you stop at traffic lights. By doing this, you can prevent accidentally being hit by a driver who is unaware of your presence on the road. By taking these safety tips into account, you can ensure you're always doing the best you can to prevent an accident while you're traveling via bike.

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